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Account Manager Support

Talk directly to one of our account managers who can answer all your questions and share with you some innovative mobile marketing ideas.


Enjoy flexible mobile services without having to lock into a contract. Also, enjoy our Pay & Go bulk SMS without any monthly commitment.

Free All-in-One Account

Use other mobile marketing programs (SMS Survey, Text-for-Info, Text-to-Join, etc.) already included in your account to improve business.

Dedicated SMS Number

Avoid a shutdown caused by other businesses when sharing SMS Number. Get your own Number at the lowest cost for secure messaging.

Wider Reach

Use Long Code or Toll-Free Code to reach users when Short Code is not supported or too costly. Long Code can also reach international users.

Flexible & Customizable

Customize your solutions or add our Personalization, Auto-Tally, or Random Code Generator plugins to your SMS services.

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