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From the sample laptop, enter a message into the account panel's SMS box to see an example of sending a group text to mobile users. This demonstrates how you can manage, send and receive group SMS locally and internationally.

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1) Lease An SMS Number for Your Account

To send and receive texts through your online account, you will need a commercial mobile number—Long Code, Toll-Free, Short Code. Tell us what area code number you'd like, and we can connect it to your account the same day. Contact us to start leasing a dedicated SMS number at the lowest rate today.

2) Upload or Generate Your Contact List

Upload your contact lists (CSV) to your online account or create different Keywords for target audiences to simply text from their phone to subscribe/unsubscribe to your campaigns (eg. WIN, VOTE, EVENTS, VOLUNTEER, VIP). You can also customize an automated response for each Keyword.

3) Tell Your Users About Your Mobile Services

Use signage, social media, and websites to prompt subscribers to text the Keywords to conveniently join your mobile groups. Attract subscribers with valuable content and interactive campaigns shown above, like SMS Scavenger Hunt, Text-to-Vote, Text-for-Info, Text-to-Receive, Text-to-Donate, etc.

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