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Top Questions on MODISclub's All-in-One Account Setup & Functions

More FAQ on General SMS Marketing & Messaging
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(A) What do I do after signing up a MODISclub online account?
  • Login and change your password to your own.
  • To send a test SMS from your account, click QUICK > TEST SMS on the main menu. Compose the text message and enter the cell number receiving the test SMS before clicking the Send Message button. You should receive an SMS within seconds from our test SMS Number.
  • To start sending/receiving group texts, you will need a new dedicated SMS Number (Short Code or Long Code), leased by the carriers. Please contact us to select and register your own SMS number. The leasing rates are flexible and affordable on a month-to-month basis and it can be done in a day!
  • While waiting for your SMS Number to be registered, you may upload your mobile contacts, saved as a CSV file format from Excel (one column with 10 digit numbers. Eg. 6475551234). Search "How to upload mobile contacts?" or "How to generate new mobile contacts?".
(B) How to upload mobile contacts? On the top Main Menu, go to GENERAL > CONTACT LIST, and click + CONTACT LIST button. Give the list a name and click UPLOAD PHONE LIST button on the left to start uploading your CSV file. Refer to the instruction provided for the format. To add one contact number at a time, click the EDIT PHONE NUMBERS button.

Be sure to also read about the general guideline on how to avoid getting blocked by carriers' SPAM filter.

*** IMPORTANT TIP: If you are sending a large list, use the Scheduler so you won't have to wait for the processing to be completed before moving away from the screen.

*** IMPORTANT TIP#2: If you are sending a text to a list for the first time to convert them to a Subscribed List, have them reply the KEYWORD you’ve setup under CAMPAIGN as the Opt In. To Opt Out, first time recipients would just reply STOP (not KEYWORD STOP) to unsubscribe all Campaigns from the SMS number because they haven’t subscribed to anything yet.
(C) How to avoid getting your messages blocked by carriers' SPAM filter?
  • Provide users the ability to opt out of your number. Include the opt-out message at the end of your 1st message to them: To OptOut reply STOP.
  • Modify your message content each time you send a large volume (over 2000 contacts) through ONE number in a day or it will resemble a SPAM. If you have a larger volume, try spreading out your messages over the week or get more SMS numbers.
  • Don't use overly capitalized messages.
  • Avoid using mysterious links (eg. shorten URL). Try using link that contains an actual website address - create a shorter website extension and redirect there, if necessary.
  • If necessary, use marketing/spammy terms on a mobile landing page only (eg. DISCOUNT, EARN, 20%, etc.). In a text, try using other variations (eg. Special, VIP, less, reduce, etc.)
(D) How to send group SMS to my mobile contacts?
  • To send SMS to your uploaded Contacts without requiring recipients to reply, create a new 1-way campaign. On the Main Menu, go to CAMPAIGNS > 1-WAY TEXTING, and click the + NEW 1-WAY button.
  • To send SMS to your uploaded or opt-in Contacts with the intention of getting responses, create a new 2-way campaign. Go to CAMPAIGNS > 2-WAY TEXTING, and click the + NEW 2-WAY button. In your text, instruct your Contacts to include your SMS Keyword in their response to systematically direct their message into that Campaign. Otherwise, their responses will be directed into your General Inbox under GENERAL > INBOX on the Main Menu.
(E) How to generate new mobile contacts? Setup a custom SMS Keyword under a 2-Way Texting Campaign where mobile users can conveniently text it to your SMS Number to opt-in/out of your mobile contact list/campaign. With the Keyword, you can also setup a custom automated response to provide your subscribers a confirmation or more information. Use various SMS campaigns to help bring more attention to it, for example a Text-to-Vote or Text-to-Win.
(F) How to setup an SMS Keyword? To setup an SMS Keyword, on the top Main Menu, go to CAMPAIGNS > 2-WAY TEXTING > + NEW 2-WAY. Provide the campaign a title for internal reference, save and skip to the Keyword tab. Search and assign the desired Keyword (between 3 to 10 characters). Click the Keyword tab again to refresh your screen and find 3 edit buttons under the Auto-Replies. Edit accordingly. Search for "What message should I include in my Keyword auto-replies?".
(G) What is an SMS Keyword Auto-Reply and what message should I include?
  • An SMS Keyword Auto-Reply is a customizable message you can setup to automatically send out to those who sent that SMS Keyword in a text message to your target campaign.
  • Important content to include are:
    • Your company or product name
    • Confirmation and call-to-action
    • Web link for richer content
    • Expiry or limit 1 vote/entry
    • To OptOut reply KEYWORD STOP
  • There are 3 levels of auto-replies:
    1. First Opt-In Auto-Reply: The reply a mobile user would receive after texting the specified SMS Keyword to your SMS number for the first time.
    2. Subsequent Auto-Replies: The replies a mobile user would receive after texting the specified SMS Keyword to your SMS number again AFTER the first time.
    3. Opt-Out Auto Reply: The reply a mobile user would receive after texting the SMS Keyword and STOP to opt-out.
  • To setup the auto-replies, on the top Main Menu go to GENERAL > CAMPAIGNS > 2-WAY TEXTING and click the campaign with the assigned Keyword. Skip to the KEYWORD tab. Edit all 3 auto-replies according to the above description and SAVE.
(H) What is the general Non-Keyword Auto-Reply and what message should I include?
  • The general Non-Keyword Auto-Reply is a customizable message you can setup to automatically send out to those who have sent a text message without your specified SMS Keyword (eg. comments, questions, feedback, mis-spelled Keyword).
  • A sample message to include is "COMPANY NAME: If you've submitted a comment, someone will respond shortly. If you've texted a specified Keyword, please check its spelling and text again. Thx!
  • To set it up, go to GENERAL > NUMBERS, click your SMS number link, compose your message in the SMS box provided and remember to SAVE.
(I) What happens when I run out of SMS credits and how do I purchase more? When your SMS credits reach 10 SMS, a notification will be sent to your username email. To top up your SMS credits, login and on the Main Menu go to BILLING > ADD SMS, select the desired package and complete the credit card payment transaction. If no action is taken and the SMS credits run below 0, no auto-reply messages or new text messages can be sent out until the credits are replenished.
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